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Much as the name suggests this is a design inspired by what has come before. Those that have followed the work of ACG over the years will know that they’re very much focused on what comes next so this is a bit of a departure from their usual design process.

“From a design point of view I have had no real interest in what would be regarded as the classic bass designs” states Alan Cringean, continuing, “I personally have never owned any of the the big four, and when I played them I was not interested in them”. Over the years ACG have been asked to build copies and they have alway turned down the work because it was not something they were interested in, stating, “there are more than enough J Basses out there without me adding to the list”..

So what brought about this look backwards? The answer is mostly to do with conversations had with Colin Cunningham. “As someone who has only designed basses that appeal to me, some more than others, having the perspective of a full time professional player over a period of time, brought to my attention aspects that, while aware of, did not overly influence what I was trying to achieve”. “Out of these conversations the RetroB basses were developed with design input from Colin”. “The idea was to produce a bass that gave a clear nod to the past, had a comfortable aesthetic being familiar on the eye, but retained modern sensibilities and features while still being recognisable as an ACG instrument”.

On top of the overall look, the instrument follows a more traditional construction method and palette of woods. Alder and Swamp Ash body, Figured Maple tops with or without colours, one piece necks ,a first for ACG, 22 fret Rosewood* and Maple finger boards. They will also feature what are standard on all ACG instruments, East Tone UK electronics, ACG B Series pickups and carbon reinforced necks. Currently available in 4/5 string with a J pickup configuration and P single pickup version.

So a radical bass for ACG in that it is conventional in most aspects, with the admission we are all standing on the shoulders of those that brought the bass guitar into this world.

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