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Custom fit vented in-ear monitors with a professional specification just got a whole lot better!

Further to the successful and well received launch of the new ACS Ambient In-Ear Monitors, they will have universal fit versions available for demonstration at the forthcoming The UK Bass Guitar Show in 2, 3 and 5-driver speaker configurations, come check them out on booth 20.

The ACS Ambient Series offer the specification many musicians have been dreaming of for years:

  • Reduction of the occlusion effect you get with a custom fit IEM.
  • The ability to hear your environment around you whether on stage, in the studio or even on the street.
  • Stay in communication with your fellow musicians and hear off-mic cues on stage.
  • Not feel isolated or removed from your performance environment.
  • Ear canal ventilation for reducing fatigue and providing greater comfort for longer.
  • Above all – a vented IEM that maintains 100% of the high-fidelity sound quality and low frequency response.
  • Perfect for all Bassists!
ACS in ear monitor