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Markbass have so far been known as the innovative company who conceived of using compact, lightweight D Class Bass amplification, and have a long reputation for leading the market with this technology.  Markbass will have a number of brand new products on show on booth 15 at The UK Bass Guitar Show.

Little Mark Vintage D2 head The second head to be launched in the new “Gold Line” range of heads. It shares the same features, a 12AX7 valve in the preamp, gold plated circuits, highly selected components and a balanced DI out with transformer, found in the Little Mark Vintage head, but has a range of different features, including Semi-Parametric EQ, to offer a wider range of tonal control, a switchable limiter, and a foot-switchable boost feature.

New York NY121 D2 Cabinet With deeper and warmer tone than any other  1 x 12” cabinet, the NY121 D2 is slightly larger than the original NY121 cabinet, but still as light and portable as you would expect from Markbass.

Markbass Instruments Fully launched at Winter NAMM 2020, we will have a selection of the new Markbass bass instruments, which are handmade in Abruzzo, Italy, including the Markbass JP, Kimandu and Kilimanjaro models.  All the basses in the range are fitted with the brand new Markbass Instrument Preamp, which can also be bought as a retrofit for your own bass, and can be configured in many different pickup/tone/volume combinations.

Markbass Strings The Italian region of Abruzzo has a long history of making fine instrument strings.  One of the oldest firms, D’Orazio Strings, was recently brought into the Markbass family, and are producing a range of super high quality bass strings.  All the Markbass bass instruments at the show will be strung with a selection of the different strings, so that visitors can experience them for themselves.

Markbass Raw Octaver Pedal The first of a new range of “Raw” pedals, the MB Octaver Raw pedal is a compact and simple analogue Octaver pedal, giving that deep, fat, synthy tone.  It can be used blended with your dry tone for rich, thick fat tone, or without, to give that beefy, dub funkiness to your sound, while having fast and smooth tracking.