Marek Bero - Photo: Danny Clifford

All Marek Bero photography by: Danny Clifford

Marek Bero – Clinic “Bass Gym 101”

As an aspirational young bass player, I’ve set my goals very high. My heroes have been Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Flea, John Myung and Robert Trujillo. I’ve admired their incredible skills, grooves and creativity. At the same time, I’ve experienced immense feelings of frustration as for a long time I couldn’t achieve their level of playing. We all know 10 000 hours theory and it seems like a mountain we wouldn’t ever be able to climb. Never-ending aspirations, expectations and tons of hard work.

How to keep your mind on the goal? How to stay motivated?
Challenge 10.000 hours theory mountain with daily inspiration & little steps towards greatness.

In this clinic, we’ll focus on daily warm-up routines which are challenging, fun and always pushing you towards higher goals in your playing. No grooving without basics.

Based on Bass Gym 101 series of books we’ll go through these topics:

  • 1-2-3-4 finger independence vs relaxed pentatonic approach
  • one-string exercises challenge
  • vertical vs horizontal movement
  • 4-note magic box
  • fingerboard mapping
  • deconstructing the scale patterns

These tips & tricks will help you to go through a daily routine, set your goals and most importantly will get your mindset right. Every great bass player has his tone, groove and unique phrases/melodic approach. These three crucial factors together create excitement and buzz when you hear someone amazing. You can be that guy too!