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Anaconda Basses will be debuting their brand new Ultra J5 – Essence model at The UK Bass Guitar Show 2020.  “Following on from the “Best Fretted Bass” (£500-£1000) 2019 Award in Bass Guitar Magazine, for our Ultra J4 – Essence, we received  a lot of requests for a 5 string version of that bass”.  “We are excited that the 5 String UJ5 – Essence is here and lives up to expectations”.  “We have incorporated some of the best features from our hand-made basses into the Ultra J Essence range.  The Ultra J Essence range is our affordable, South Korean manufactured model, built to our exacting remit and standards,” states Anaconda.


The 34.5″ scale length means that you get an excellent tight B string , which is balanced in response with the other strings and suffers from none of the floppiness that can be a problem with some 34″ scale, 5 string Basses.   The extended distance from the nut to the B string tuner also adds extra string tension, resulting in a killer B string.

The neck profile is extremely comfortable. It starts with a C profile at the Nut and gradually blends into a flattened D at the Heel. This makes playing chords, soloing further up the neck effortless. The rock solid, 6 bolt attachment to the neck heel, allows for full energy transfer to the body, resulting in superb punch and growl and extended sustain. The lower horn cutaway is designed to provide easy access up to the 21st fret.  The dual Carbon Fibre rods add extra stability and strength to the neck and further enhance sustain, dynamics and energy transfer to the body.  Constant adjusting of neck relief, is a thing of the past.

The Tesla hum-cancelling pickups are very dynamic, punchy and respond extremely well to all styles of playing. They are full range and have a sweet midrange, which cuts through the mix.  The “70’s Jazz” position of the bridge pickup makes the UJ5 – Essence incredibly versatile.

The 3 – Band pre-amp sounds great when all controls are set flat. Should you need to tweak frequencies, this can be achieved with only small adjustments to the Bass, Mid and Treble controls. The Volume control is stacked and has a Passive tone control, which works in both active and passive modes. There is an active/passive switch. The pre-amp module has a variable gain, which allows you to balance the output of the active and passive stages.  The  pre-amp, is powered by 18 volts, which gives you excellent headroom.

The Monorail bridge minimises cross-talk between strings. The result is massive sustain, no discernible interaction between notes, no dead spots or wolf notes. Notes are clear and dynamically equivalent all the way up the neck.

We will have a selection of Ultra J5 – Essence and Ultra J4 – Essence models on display at the show.
Come over to Booth 2, say hello and try some of these superb basses out.  We’d be delighted to see you.