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Struggling to feel? Bass Direct hear you! Backbeat is the portable wearable subwoofer that lets you feel every low note that you play.

Music, especially bass, is felt as much as heard. Without a cab on stage, bass players can’t feel what they are playing. Great for singers and sound guys, but bass players are stranded on a deserted island of silence when it comes to feeling low notes.

Are you confident without the feel? Do you wish you could move around on stage? Is your bass playing as epic as it could be? BackBeat makes you feel like you’re standing in front of a cab. It matches the intensity of your playing and the pitch of the note you’re playing.

Shown With Gruv Gear Strap

Plug in yoWEARABLE

  1. Clip it on
  2. Plug it in
  3. Move anywhere on stage
  4. Feel every note


  1. lightweight
  2. fits in your gig bag
  3. recharges fast
  4. play and practice anywhere


  1. no external amp needed
  2. no external power needed
  3. true bypass
  4. battery lasts 3-5 hrs
  5. IEMs/Headphones and auxiliary input, you can practice anywhere